Spot Market Innovation

TNX is modernising the spot market. We automate, simplify, and optimise to keep trucks running fuller and longer.

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Striving for the Win – Win

TNX strives for a win–win situation in which cargo owners and carrier both benefit. This is done by automating or simplifying the backoffice tasks, and making sure each truck is carrying the best suited cargo.

Automated and Simplified

TNX is intuitive to use and automatically matches up cargo with trucks, trains, ships, and planes.

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Community Optimisation

TNX continously looks for ways to consolidate, sequence, and best match up cargo and trucks in the market. Higher utlisation gross margin, and lower spend are the result.

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Central Clearing

TNX streamlines the backoffice administration of the invoice-to-payment cycle.

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Use TNX in a Sandbox Playground

Try in a Sandbox

We believe the easiest way to learn new things is to actually try them hands on.

You can play around with TNX in a Sandbox. This means you can use it without any risk.

Also available as an App

For iPhones and iPads as well as Android Phones and Tablets you can download an app for an even better experience.


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The Modern Spot Market