Is TNX a Carrier, 3PL, or What?

We are a marketplace for transport services, like Expedia is for travel. We have tools to help both sides, and charge a fee per successful shipment.

How Do I Benefit?

Cargo owners get lower freight rates, averaging >10% savings on freight. Carriers get work to fill otherwise empty trucks, plus they are paid faster. Both sides get lower backoffice costs because TNX handles invoicing & payments.

I Need High Quality Carriers

You don't have to offer cargo to every carrier in TNX. Just set a list of your allowed partners, across the company or per-job. TNX will ensure only those parties have access to your cargo details. Obviously, no competitors will see your data at any time.

Are Carriers Certified, Insured, etc?

Carriers have minimum insurance requirements, and for regulated commodities TNX verifies they are registered to transport them. Community feedback ensures poor performing carriers (and cargo owners) are removed.

I'm Matched, What Now?

The carrier will make contact to set appointments for pickup & delivery. The cargo owner should provide yard or site access instructions.

What if Things Go Wrong?

If the cargo isn't being moved (carrier didn't make contact or didn't show up), please call TNX. If the move was done but not as expected, raise a dispute in TNX and we will investigate.

Disputes can be raised for abusive, threatening, illegal, or dangerous behavior from either company. Or, if any factual representation of the carrier or cargo owner is not accurate, and where the inaccuracy is relevant to matching, execution, or pricing.

How Often Do Things Go Wrong?

Since launch, TNX sees about 5% of the matches be disputed. None have been for serious issues. The most common cause is that the cargo owner cancelled, or the cargo owner provided incorrect weight or measures. Nothing has been stolen, damaged, or seriously late.

What Are the Payment Terms?

Cargo owners are offered flexible terms. TNX can invoice daily, weekly, or monthly. Invoice due date can be weekly, end of month, 20th of next month, 45 days, or whatever is agreed. For every day of open invoice financing, TNX will charge a small financing fee. See our fees page for more details.

Carriers are paid seven days after they close the job in TNX.

What About EDI or Integration?

Of course TNX works well with interfacing, EDI, and integration. We publish a public RESTful API, and can connect to various accounting, WMS, TMS, and ERP systems. Take a Look