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Data Driven Decision-Making

Actionable data is a scarce commodity in trucking. See what TNX offers to allow you better insight into operations and costs in the supply chain

TNX has developed data and reporting functions to help cargo owners and carriers get more insight into their operations. The data we are providing range from usage-based (Time to Match), operational (DIFOT – Delivery in full on time), to financial (Profitability by Laneway, Cargo).

Cargo Owners

The reports for cargo owners deal with some of the most frequent questions we are being asked by our customers:

  1. Which are the best laneways and cargos to use TNX?
  2. What is the impact of TNX on my business?
  3. Which carriers execute within service requirements?

Feel free to have a look at the example report.


Carriers have the flexibility to adapt to a changing market situation. They can focus their attention to a slightly different laneway, to a different cargo, or alter their service offering.

The reports for carriers aim to answer critical questions such as:

  1. Which laneways and cargos offer the best prices?
  2. How competitive is my pricing?

You can find the example report here.

We are rolling these reports out as a beta test. Interested in receiving these reports on a weekly basis? Get in contact with Alex.