How much you offer, or accept, for a shipment is up to you. On top of the shipping cost, TNX will add its own fees for its technology and financial clearing of payment & invoice. You will only ever have to pay or be paid by TNX.

TNX Fees

Service Description Fee
Marketplace and Clearing House A simpler way to offer and accept jobs, while streamlining accounting. A flat $2 to both sides per completed job, or 2% if the job price is under $100.
Community Optimisation Automatic combining jobs on offer, to eliminate empty travel and lower the cost of shipping. 1.5% of total completed job price, if the financial benefit exceeds 3%
Financing Delayed payment terms for cargo owners when they have better uses for their own working capital No charge until 7 days post settlement. Then 0.02% financing charge per day, up to 45 days.

Anything else?

There are no hidden costs, upfront charges, monthly subscriptions, or minimum spending fees. You pay TNX fees when it works, and per transaction. As is industry practice, all prices are GST exclusive.