3 Things Make TNX Different

1 – A Simpler Way to Offer and Accept Jobs

Our intuitive design means no user training is needed.
We provide modern, clean software over web browsers, on tablets, iPads, or as apps on smart phones.
If you are thinking it can't be easier than a phone call, consider this: over 20% of transport jobs are rejected by the preferred carrier. The industry averages nine phone calls per load moved. And these don't include the calls to sort out invoicing & payment issues. There is an easier way.

2 – Optimising for Community Benefit

TNX uses new and powerful optimisation techniques to combine or sequences jobs to build continuous moves, maximising gross margin for the carrier and minimises total spend for the cargo owner. This win-win is possible because of waste elimination, i.e. getting more truck per truck.

3 – Sector Passionate, Price Neutral

Electronic marketplaces are coming to the transport industry. But TNX is the only one that provides transparency and neutrality. We are not looking to profit from a buy-sell difference. In the same model as a commodity exchange, we add value by setting rules and streamlining processes.
If you care about small business survival and sector profitability, support marketplace neutrality.